Management Team

Eric Comisky

Co-Founder / CEO

Eric's personal passion in life is his family. Eric understands the value of a strong relationship and he hopes to pass that on to his family. To work on these relationships, his nights and weekends are filled with sporting events, dance classes or music lessons for his children. With a wife and kids, Eric doesn't get much 'me' time, but when he does he can be found in his workshop with his latest project.

Joshua Swartz

Co-Founder / President

In 1997, Joshua started his career in the field of electronics engineering. Eventually he found himself moving into the Information Technology field. With hard work and dedication he started advancing his skills and knowledge working with small, medium and large corporations. After working in this field for 10+ years he found himself envisioning something more. Uncertain of what "something more" might look like, being a man of faith he prayed diligently and allowed his mind to unfold ideas as to what the future may hold. Josh shared his vision with trusted friends and family. Piece by piece, year after year, the "something more" became a calling and a reality, IT Dynamic.